Intersection of Business Models, Internationalization, and Culture

International Business Models: the Importance of Cultural Aspects

A few weeks ago, my friend, Prof. Cíntia Varandas Ladeira invited me to to hold a lecture for her Management courses students. She let me free to choose the topic. So I decided to intersect three of my main interests: Business Models, Internationalization, and Cultures. Hence the title, setting the focus on the importance of cultural aspects in international business models.

The event has taken place online on the 21st May 2020, hosted by the Estácio de Sá University of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The event was part of a series under the title of “Conecta Estácio”. The institution is part of one of the largest Brazilian groups in higher education.

The main topics are:

The embedded videos below show the recorded lecture, split into 16 shorter and manageable chunks. Additional content and links help you navigate to related posts.

Subtitles are available in many languages. Please, make sure you activate them.

My special thanks go to Prof. Cintia Varandas Ladeira, for the idea and for inviting me, and to Prof. Alan Ribeiro, for moderating the lecture, and for making the remote connection possible.

Lecture Intro: Points of View

What Is a Business Model?

BusinessModels and the Business Model Canvas

I also touched the topic of Business Models in this post.

How to Use the Business Model Canvas

The Value Proposition Canvas and How to Use It

Why Is a Business Model Useful?

Why to Internationalize?

Purpose and Methods of Business Internationalization

Why Are International Business Models Useful?

I described an international business model transformation case, in detail, in this post.

What Are the Main Cultural Aspects?

The Importance of Culture

Typical Cultural Traits of the Brazilian

This short story, inspired by real-life experience, exemplifies how tricky the cross-cultural game can be.

Common Cross-Cultural Errors and Good Practices

Summary, References, And Contacts

Here you can find some references, organized by macro-topic:


A Future for Brazil?

The Challenges of Business Internationalization

Culture and Interdisciplinary Knowledge

Managing for Cultural Change

Being Brazilian: Strength or Weakness?

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