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You are a successful and busy entrepreneur in the process of growing a healthy business. Or one of those rare managers or business consultants who like to think and to act as one. You’ve realised that what has allowed you to get your business where it is isn’t necessarily enough to get it where it is going to be in the next, say, two-to-five years from now.

You know that you can make it and you will make it, in the end. But you’re still not quite sure of what you need to keep, and of what you need to change. Especially, you don’t want to waste too many resources in trial-and-error experimentation. Moreover, whatever you do, you want to maximise your learning experience. If this is the case, stay tuned, ’cause I probably have something useful here for you.

I avoid proposing one-size-fits-all solutions. I keep in mind that every and each business is a story of its own.

Helping others build a better business is what makes me happy. My self-actualisation comes – professionally speaking – when even a modest contribution from my part helps you reach your moment of clarity about the present and the future of your business model.

This is not a marketplace: I don’t sell anything here. I use my website and other channels to build connections with interesting people from any part of the world. It’s the place where I share ideas that may be useful for other people.

The challenge you’re facing might be internally originated, as when you’re tackling strategic decisions, such as entering a new foreign market, diversifying your business portfolio, carrying on a M&A initiative, or simply managing an unprecedented growth. Or else, your challenge might derive from external factors, such as the pressure of your competitors, or technological, regulatory, or social trends. It might be that you’re in the process of assessing the skills and the potential of your management team, or the adequacy of your organisation structure.

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Whether an entrepreneur, a manager or a consultant, your feedback is important. Let me know in what topics you are most interested, and contribute with your comments. I will concentrate on those topics that will create the most interesting interactions.

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